Monday, August 31, 2009

Project Runway: Season 6: Episode 2 recap

This post is very late, but I was in Long Island all weekend and didn't get to catch this episode until last night. In episode 2, the designers were challenged to create maternity garb for pregnant supermodel-cum-television star, Rebecca Romijn. I thought this was a very appropriate challenge for the show and really gave a chance for designers to show their versatility. Let's recap this week's designs:
This week's winner was Shirin and I really agree with the judges on this one. This look is great as maternitywear and would be fashionable even if it wasn't. The draped neckline and the coat were fabulous, but what I thought was a really special touch was the lattice smocking done across the waist. What an interesting alternative to a waistband!
Louise's design was also in the top three. It was considered by the judges and Tim to be very lingerie-esque but very beautiful. Romijn said that she would wear this look out on a date. I, personally, love it...especially the layered look of the hem. She added pleating to the bust to expand during the pregnancy as a woman's breasts grow larger. Louise also did emphasize one shoulder similar to her design last week. She'll have to be careful not to turn into a one-trick pony.
Althea's design made it into the top three, however I wasn't a big fan. I agree with the judges that the color is beautiful and the cups shaped from ribbons are interesting, however it is impractical. A pregnant woman's breasts would be *popping* out of that top. Project Runway would've done better to find pregnant models specifically for this show. Just strapping on a pregnancy pillow to a size 0 model doesn't mimic all of the actual curves a pregnant woman gains.

Qristyl is much improved from that hot mess last week. This dress has an elegant and unique drape around the neckline. I'm not a fan of the hemline, however.

The issue I have with Nicolas' design, as well as the other very-structured, non-stretch designs for this maternity challenge, is it doesn't take into account the changing size of the baby belly. Pregnant women's bellies are constantly growing for 9 months and this dress would only fit for a few weeks tops. Pregnant women need clothes that will accommodate the range of sizes their belly will be and it is impractical to buy new clothes every few weeks that can't even be worn again unless the women has another pregnancy.

Johnny's look was cute and the stretch material was a good idea. I'd like to see it in a bright color though...maybe pink?

Logan's design wasn't particularly creative but simple is sometimes the way to go. This definitely looks comfy and would be good for going to yoga or lamaze class.

Irina's design is very sweet-looking and has a nice bright color, cheery color. The only thing I didn't like was she didn't take into account the belly when doing the hem line, and the dress pulls up higher in the front.

Gordanna's look was pretty and looked comfortable, however I wasn't fond of the color combination. I would've prefered some brighter jewel tones for this.

Epperson's was okay. She definitely looks ready for a weekend in the Hampton's.

Ew. I am not a fan of Carol Hannah's. The color choice was nice, but the top looks like armor and the draping under the belly is just odd.

Christopher impressed me yet again. The top was very cute and the leggings give a level of comfort.

And now we're to the bottom three. Mitchell joked during the episode that Ra'Mon's design looked like a bowling bag and Rebecca Romijn said the same thing later during the judging. It was kind of a neat idea, but the fit was way off.

Mitchell was saved again, but the shorts he made were comical. Way too much material! Before it was gathered, two of the girl designers in the workroom stood one in each leg. The belly band was also visible through the too-tight shirt. Some simple fixes in the idea and this could've been great weekend-wear though.

Malvin was eliminated for his conceptual look. He wanted to give the idea of a mother hen cradling an egg. He even wanted to make jodhpur "chicken thighs" until Tim talked him out of it. Nina criticized that the model looked like she had already had the baby and was carrying it in a sling. The black-feathered tank underneath was cute, but not enough to keep him on the show. There is a market for conceptual fashion, but apparently this one was just too costumey.

I'm also loving the Blogging Project Runway blog. It has *everything* Project Runway, this season and past seasons. Check it out.

All images are from's Project Runway Page.

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