Monday, August 24, 2009

Pop-tab Trashion

So for the past few seasons metallics have been big, but the economic recession has really hit our wallets hard. How about recycling those old poptabs into some DIY metal trashion? It's known as Tabistry and crafters have been getting inventive, so check it out:

Starting off simple, here's a poptab-and-ribbon cute. (source:

Turkish vest. Poptabs end up looking so much like chainmail! (Source:

And how about some awesome Poptab dresses?

Duct tape prom dresses are cool, but what about a Pop Tab Prom Dress? (Source:

Another Prom Dress, Totally Different Look (Source:

This looks so BAMF! (Source:

This was for a class project! So hot! (Source:

And how about something to wear to the Renn Faire?

This girl is the QUEEN of Poptabs...Check out her blog, The Art of Can Tabistry

Crochet and Poptabs were born to go together:

Wanna learn how to make this awesome bag? There's a tutorial on

If you aren't particularly crafty, then you can still get in on the action:

This purse and others are on sale on the website. Steep prices, but cool merch.

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  1. Thanks for linking to my stuff! There truly are some amazing creations made with otherwise disposed of materials. I just wish I'd thought to make a can tab prom dress when I was in high school. Some much snazzier than satin! :)